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Preserving fresh food longer without chemicals

Treating foods with high pressure rather than high heat or chemicals is a natural choice for better maintaining flavor and nutrients, says biologist Carole Tonello.

1 July, 2015

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Social acceptance in new smart energy districts: a lesson from Spain

Keeping tenants in retrofitted buildings fully informed about the plans helps foster their acceptance of such change in their housing

19 May, 2015

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Multifold challenges for districts level retrofitting

Retrofitting a district is quite different from retrofitting a single building: the technological challenges involved are far greater.

18 December, 2014

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Retrofitting: all stakeholders involved upfront

Involving all the players in a comprehensive retrofitting project from the start, an approach known as Integrated Project Delivery, could be the key to its success

21 November, 2014

César Alonso: third parties play a key role to making buildings energy efficient

The town council of Valladolid , Spain, is renovating its heritage buildings to achieve near-zero energy districts, while involving all stakeholders.

24 October, 2014

Repeated research protests on the streets of Madrid

Doing science in Spain is like crying. This well-known quote from one of the most famous Spanish scientist, Nobel laureate Santiago Ramón Cajal, seems more pertinent today than ever.

30 September, 2014

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Noemí Jiménez and Carolina Grau – solving the energy challenge in public buildings

A new project explores a new path to reduce energy consumption by combining latest sustainable building technologies in public buildings

28 August, 2014

Tackling the many challenges of smarter, greener cities

Zero-energy districts are the only possible future for European cities, as costs associated with palliating the effects of climate change soar, but there are many challenges ahead

31Jul 2014

Ali Vasallo - Towards near-zero energy consumption at district level

Citizens living in near-zero energy districts will make significant savings and benefit from an increased comfort in their homes

31 Jul 2014

Roberto Sanz and Álvaro Corredera - Control systems: a new solution for low energy buildings

Energy generation and management technologies are both essential to optimise energy efficiency when designing new buildings

14 Jul 2014

Renewed hope for gene therapy in rare disease

New virus serotypes are safely used as ‘DNA transporters’ to successfully deliver genes to deficient cells.

01 Jul 2014

Gloria González-Aseguinolaza - Positive signs for curative treatment against Porphyria

An early stage clinical trial on patients with the rare metabolic disorder, Pophyria, has shown no side effects—further trials, if successful, could lead to the first gene therapy of its kind.

01 Jul 2014

User-led sustainable buildings

Users' perspectives play a key role in low-energy building. Experts agree that the feedback from people living in energy efficient buildings could help to optimise their overall usability.

28 May 2014

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Targeting bacterial cell division to fight antibiotic resistance

New research has found some compounds effective in blocking the proliferation of certain bacteria, raising hopes of a new class of drugs to combat antibiotic resistant infections.

12 Mar 2014

Miguel Vicente - blocking bacterial proliferation could overcome antibiotic resistance

Blocking how bacteria proliferate has led towards novel compounds that may combat antibiotic resistance. But antibiotics are very poor drugs to sell, so who’s going to pay?

12 Mar 2014

Marta Espar

I went into science journalism by chance. Now, I love this job, which I’ve been doing now for over 15 years. Telling people's stories makes me feel good because information allows us to make the right decisions. With a background in clinical psychology, I especially like reporting on health, education and gender topics and you can find my clippings here.

I currently write for the Catalan newspaper ARA and for the Spanish newspaper La Marea, as well as directing and writing scripts for the educational videos on the Xplorehealth.eu website and for other scientific institutions in Spain.

I graduated in psychology from the University of Barcelona and in Journalism from the University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. At the beginning of my career I spent four years working for the Spanish national television channel TVE in Berlin, Germany, and on the German television channel Deutsche Welle-Berlin. From 2003 until 2011, I specialised in reporting on health and science issues and I contributed freelance articles to the health pages of the Spanish national broadsheet El Pais.

In 2011, Random House Mondadori published my book Los secretos de un parto feliz, which is based on a series of interviews with leading childbirth professionals about medical assistance during labour in Spain.

I love languages and am fluent in English, German, French and Italian, as well as my native tongues Catalan and Spanish.

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